World Challenge Trip

The World Challenge Trip provides educational expeditions in the developing world which teach life skills, foster the concept of volunteering and engage students in trekking. It stretches minds and learning outside the boundaries of the classroom. The itinerary fosters team work and leadership skills. Students will explore the vast wilderness of a developing country, volunteer for a week in a community based project and embark on a significant trekking adventure. They will be learning about very different cultures and making a real difference to communities through volunteer work.

Trip inclusions:
• Return airfares to Hobart
• All meals
• Tents/cooking equipment
• State of the art safety technolgy
• A full-time World Challenge Guide
• The required training/camps before departure
• 28-30 days of international travel

Learning Outcomes:
• Assisting in the development of an adult male brain through controlled risk taking
• Developing mental wellbeing through building self-efficacy skills such as resilience and independence through being responsible for self and others in an outdoor environment and overseas that may be new and challenging to them.
• Learning to work as team through the planning and designing of the itinerary during the 18month lead in.
• Developing social wellbeing through creating new, or building upon positive friendships with like-minded peers, staff members and more importantly the communities of the developing world.
• Offer an opportunity to represent NTHS through an international adventure.

Grades: targeting grade 8 and 9’s for travel in their year 9 and 10 year.
Date: September – every second year.
Cost: Approximatively $7000