Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to New Town High School


As the only all boys Government high school in Tasmania, we provide our students with a high quality education that is facilitated through a caring and supportive school environment. We acknowledge and cater for the differentiated needs and talents of each and every boy in our care. New Town High School prepares students for further and continuing education, for future employment and to be positive members of a democratic society. We endeavor to develop boys of resilient and respectful character who can lead fulfilling and productive lives within our increasingly globalised and technologically advanced society. 

Our school provides first class learning activities in the fields of academic study, health and physical education, social development, cultural pursuits and special interest programs. This commitment is met through the structures of the curriculum and through the creation of a positive and supportive learning environment in which boys are challenged to maximise their educational opportunities. Our teaching teams are engaged in continuous cycles of professional inquiry that foster ongoing professional development in our pursuit of teaching excellence.

Parents choose New Town High School for their sons’ secondary education for a variety of reasons. We celebrate a proud heritage with a strong professional reputation which has been developed through family association, valued traditions, excellence in teaching and learning, sport, international opportunity and extra curricula activities. 

Our timeless and ever relevant motto, ‘We Build for the Future’ highlights the forward thinking nature of the programs that we offer. Our motto, vision, mission and core values statements guide our strategic directions and influence our professional decision making processes. We embed our finest traditions and professional heritage as We Build For The Future.

Dave Kilpatrick,