School Uniform

All Students are expected to wear school uniform at all times.

The School Association and New Town High School set the standards required, and review the school’s uniform requirements each year. Students not wearing uniform will not be allowed to represent the school on excursions and outings.

All New Town High School students are expected to wear uniform (in the correct manner) at school and between school and home. There is a formal uniform and a sports uniform. See Uniform Price List

Students are requested to have both uniforms but are not allowed to wear a combination of the two. Students are to wear school uniform except on days when sports uniform is required.

Formal uniform

  • grey school trousers or plain grey shorts
  • blue shirt
  • blue woolen school jumper
  • black shoes (only)Athletics Carnival 3000m 797
  • tie (optional)
  • grey or black socks

Sports uniform

  • school rugby top
  • navy school track pants, with gold stripe
  • navy and gold polo shirt
  • sports shoes
  • navy and gold school shorts
  • white or black socks

NB: The School spray jacket is the only approved garment to be worn over School uniform and may be worn with sports uniform, formal uniform, or at sports matches. On a rainy day students are permitted to wear a raincoat of their choice.

School uniform bucket hats or trucker style caps are available and are strongly encouraged but must not be worn inside the school buildings.

Formal uniform and sports uniform are not interchangeable. NO MIX AND MATCH.

The following items are not and never have been uniform at New Town School. They are not to be worn to or at School.

  • Jackets (other than the school blue and gold spray jacket).
  • T-shirts worn under uniform shirt.
  • Black track pants, baggy blue pants, “cargo” pants or shorts with large leg pockets.
  • Long baggy shorts that come well below the knee.
  • Beanies.
  • Unnatural hair colours and outlandish hair styles/patterns are not acceptable.

NB: Jewellery – students may wear a single stud earring. However nose, tongue, lip and eyebrow piercing is not allowed (for reasons including occupational health and safety). Pendants, rings and bracelets are also not to be worn to school.

Uniform Price List

The School Association Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop accepts uniform items for sale on commission on behalf of parents. We also welcome donations of outgrown items of uniform in good condition.

Second hand clothing sales are available on the first Thursday of the month, 8.30am – 9.30am and also in the mornings during book sales at the start of the school year.

All items of clothing bought must be paid for in cash.

The School Association have set down the following conditions of sale of used uniforms:

  • Only clothing purchased through the school uniform shop will be accepted for resale.
  • Parents may leave clothing at the school office in a bag marked “Attention P & F”. Please also leave a name and address for payment. The School Association will decide a suitable price.
  • The School Association will keep a 15% fee for handling clothing.
  • If items of clothing do not sell, parents can opt to sell it for a lower price, reclaim the clothing or donate it back to the School.
  • Clothing brought to the School for sale on commission will be kept for sale for two years. If clothing is not sold or reclaimed within two years, it will then become the School’s property.
  • Payments for articles sold will be made by the end of each financial year.