School Buses

Dedicated school bus services deliver students to New Town High School both in the morning and afternoon from our surrounding suburbs. Public Metro services along with other Contract bus services link our school to areas outside of our feeder zone. A full list of services is available from the school office and will shortly be available via a link on this page. Please refer to the metro website for information specific to the service you require.

Where do our services pick up and drop off students before and after school?

New Norfolk Bus Service

Change of stop for New Norfolk students. The new bus service travels express from New Norfolk (not along main road) and will stop opposite Ogilvie High School in the morning (New Town Road) for students, and depart outside Ogilvie High School in the afternoon for New Town High School students.

The school bus services from Bothwell and Ellendale have changed slightly, with some interchanges required.

In the morning our dedicated West Hobart and Lenah Valley services drop students in the school car park. Metro bus services from the City to New Town will drop students at stop 15 or 16 on the Main Road. Private Services from Dodges Ferry/ Sorell, New Norfolk, the Channel and the Huon Valley also drop students near OHS in the mornings. Students are only 3 to 4 minutes walk to school from these stops.

In the afternoon, students can catch dedicated bus services to Glenorchy Interchange, West Hobart, Lenah Valley and the City from the school bus park under the supervision of Duty Staff. Contract services to Sorell/ Dodges Ferry leave from Bromby St while all other contract services leave from the stop opposite Ogilvie High School. (More specific information is available on the sheets available  from the office).

Students may use public Metro services from the Main Road to go the City but must use the bus stop opposite the Creek Road Netball Centre. The City bound bus stops next to Ogilvie High School are for the dedicated use of OHS students only so as to avoid dangerous overcrowding on the footpaths. Students who need to catch City bound bus services with their sister from OHS should wait at the stop opposite the Netball Centre which will be significantly less crowded and therefore safer. Similarly, students wishing to use north bound services towards Glenorchy and beyond must use the bus stop next to the Creek Road Netball Centre once again to avoid dangerous overcrowding at the stops near OHS. Students who need to catch a northbound bus with their sister from OHS must wait at the stop next to the Netball Centre where there is more room available for safer access to bus services.

metro icon

Metro Tasmania has also released a free mobile App to make it easier for passengers to get around on their buses. Everything you need to navigate the Metro Tasmania bus network is now in the palm of your hand.

With the Metro Tas App you can:

    • Plan your next trip
    • Save your favourite destinations (including work, school and home) and your favourite trips
    • Manage your Greencard account (including check your balance, view trip history, and top up your card
  • View the latest news and updates about bus schedules

Many students rely on Metro buses to get to school or social activities. This app will now make it easier to find information about Metro services. They have even incorporated school services into their Trip Planner, which should make it easier for your son to find the right school bus.

Students can download the Metro iPhone App from the App Store or through the Google Play Store

Code of Conduct

When travelling between home and school, students must adhere to various regulations regarding passenger behaviour and the Code of Conduct for travel by bus.  Parents/guardians are asked to discuss these simple rules with their son (s) to ensure they understand the standards of behaviour required of students.

Depending on the seriousness of the misbehaviour, students may be penalised if they breach the Code of Conduct. Students may have their bus pass temporarily or permanently suspended and may be required to make alternative travel arrangements.

To ensure their safety and the comfort of other passengers students will:

  • line up for the bus in an orderly manner
  • be safety conscious crossing roads
  • comply  the driver’s instructions
  • behave safely at all times ( wear seat belts( if fitted), remain in seat,
  • respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no use of offensive language, fighting, spitting, placing feet on seats or throwing things in or from the bus)
  • give up seats to all adults and disabled passengers
  • protect all property and report any vandalism
  • Try to have the correct fare when purchasing tickets;
  • follow instructions about safety
  • keep bags clear of  aisle, doors or emergency exits
  • adhere to the law that bans smoking
  • do not carry illegal, oversize and/or dangerous objects;
  • not eat and drink in prohibited areas
  • keep arms, legs and other parts of their bodies inside the bus
  • only attract the attention of the driver in case of emergency.