Mr T Jacobs (1962-1965)

Mr Jacobs 1962-1965Mr. Tim Jacobs succeeded Mr. Close in April 1962 and was Headmaster until December, 1965.

In this comparatively short time he made a decisive contribution to the welfare of New Town High School. Coming to the school at the time it became comprehensive instead of selective in intake he was able to apply his belief that the years at High School should be characterised by breadth in studies rather than specialization.

As a result the courses offered to boys were enriched by the introduction of Russian, Latin, Geography, History, Commercial Practice, Music and Art in the school. His concern for the less gifted pupils was great and he was unsparing in his efforts to provide them with courses and levels of study from which they would gain the most benefit – a sense of satisfaction and a basis for their future.

Tim Jacobs was a versatile teacher with experience in English, History, Social Studies, Geology and Maths. It was in English and History that the pupils of New Town High School saw his zest for teaching, his depth of knowledge and his dynamic, enthusiastic approach to the subjects. He extended his pupils to the limit of their abilities and recognised their efforts. All appreciated this aspect of his teaching. His sincerity of interest in them as individuals earned him the respect of the boys. 

Recognising that all boys need to take part in sport, he made possible opportunities for participation not only in the major, long established school sports but also in new sports such as squash, badminton, table tennis, basket-ball and cross-country racing. Thus the number of boys able to represent their school was increased.
Fully involved in Rotary Club activities, Tim Jacobs wholeheartedly supported their community service. At his suggestion the school Relief Fund was established to enable the pupils of the school to play their part in community service. His enthusiasm for this activity and his sincere appreciation of their efforts were an inspiration to the boys who were most generous in their donations to those less fortunate than themselves.

Tim Jacobs is remembered and respected by those who were associated with him for his interest in their welfare and for his direct, decisive and sincerely executed contribution to the school.


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