Flag Pole Ceremony – Year 10 Gift to the School

Through a combination of hard work and generous support the Prefects and House Captains have been able to raise funds for our two new flags poles which were gifted to the school today.  This project was chosen for its community significance and demonstration of pride in our school, country and heritage.

This gift also celebrated our school Centenary as is a part of the 100 year celebrations that have been planned for this year.

We would like to thank you all our supporters for their significant contribution which allowed the Prefects and House Captains to complete this project.

Thank you to:

  • The Honourable Elise Archer MP
  • The Honourable Josh Willie MLC
  • The Honourable Rob Valentine MLC
  • The Honourable Ella Haddad MP
  • Kate Watson of Deco Design
  • John Barker representing New Town High School Old Scholars Association
  • Andrew Johnson of Millingtons Funeral Services
  • Phil Harris of Aardvark Adventures

September Music Celebration

NTHS hosted a celebration of music in our school hall in front of a large live audience with a range of music ensembles and bands combined with Ogilvie High School students. The Queen in Concert video (above) was performed by the Combined NTHS/OHS Concert Band. To acknowledge the significant career of Vinnie Howe please follow this link Evil Ways – NTHS Guitar Ensemble.

The afternoon concluded with the Combined NTHS/OHS Stage Band performing Late Night Llama.

Year 11 at NTHS for 2020

In 2020 NTHS will offer 5 STEM/Digital Technology pathway subjects.  These subjects will have a project based learning focus.

Students will be able to enrol in classes at NTHS on Tuesday and Thursday and their other subjects will be at Elizabeth College on the remaining days.  Students will be able to commute between campuses with a free Metro bus pass.

Subjects will be:

  • Agriculture Enterprise 2 (Aquaculture)
  • Engineering Design 2
  • Learning through Internship 2
  • Information Systems and digital technologies 3
  • Electronics Foundation 2

The following 3 video vignettes provide some more information on the first three subjects in this list.