Our Heritage

The Hobart Junior Technical School was opened in 1919 in Bathurst Street Hobart. It started with an enrolment of fifty boys with five staff. The school offered a course of two years study only. However, 1925 saw it expand to a three year Intermediate Certificate of three years duration. In 1947 the school leaving age was raised to sixteen and so the four year Schools Board Course was offered.

15512124668_db42990c8d_zWhen the school moved to is present site in 1952 Matriculation classes were started. The move also saw the school change its name to the Hobart Technical High School.

With the formation of separate Matriculation Colleges, the last Matriculation Classes at Hobart Technical high school were held in 1961. This was also the last year in which selective entry was the criteria for entry in to the school. With these changes came the adoption of the school’s current name in 1962 as it became a regional comprehensive high school.

15077564734_5aca30495f_zWhen the school moved to the New Town site, its numbers steadily increased rising to its maximum of over 1200 students in 1970, due to Elizabeth Street High School being closed and converted in to a Matriculation College.

Today, New Town High School is a medium sized school, catering for years 7 – 10, offering quality education for boys in courses which lead the way in Tasmanian education.

Past Principals

Mr Hudspeth Mr Close 1947-1962 Mr Jacobs 1962-1965
Mr R Hudspeth
Mr F.O. Close
Mr T Jacobs
Mr Mahoney 1966-1972 Mr McShane 1973-1975 Mr Dilger 1976-1988
Mr D.P. Mahoney
Mr B.J. McShane
Mr D.J. Dilger
Mr Wenn 1989-1990 Mr Storr CH8
Mr M.A. Wenn
Mr A Wilson
Mr P Storr
Mr I Morgan
Mr D Moir
Mr S Menadue
Mr J Szczerbanik