Vive le français
Oh là, là, c’est magnifique
La langue de l’amour !

Learning a language enables students to become global citizens. It enhances literacy and the full complement of learning and social skills – it builds bridges of knowledge, respect and empathy.

NB: In Grade 7 all students will study French for half of the year.  In Grades 8-10, French becomes an Optional subject.

Through studying French, students will be able to:

  • Use French to communicate with others in authentic situations
  • Understand French as a system
  • Understand and appreciate the cultural context in which French is used
  • Make connections between English and French
  • There will be a focus on developing:
  • Pronunciation, intonation, stress patterns and accents
  • Speaking and listening for particular purposes
  • Key sentence structures and grammatical forms
  • Key communicative functions for exchanging information, expressing attitudes and opinions, getting things done
  • A repertoire of communicative references to events, time, quantity, colour, size and value.