Facilities for Hire

The School hires out both the Grounds, Gymnasium and Hudspeth Hall

Check the booking calendars (below) for availability times.

Bookings Enquiries can be made via:

– Contacting New Town High School via email at new.town.high@education.tas.gov.au

– Contacting the School Business Manager, Christine Russell on 6278 0400


Ground Hire – $20 per hour

Hudspeth Hall – $15 per hour

Gymnasium – $40 per hour

An invoice will be issued each month for multiple bookings and within a week for one off bookings. Payment is required within 30 days. Please provide name, address and telephone number of person responsible for payment.

Use of Grounds

Teams who use set training drills are requested to vary locations, in order the wear is evenly spread across the grounds.


All rubbish to be removed from the school site.


All groups using the grounds/facilities must have a key to the boom gate and ensure that it is locked upon completion of training. Please contact Christine Russell on 6278 0400 to collect a key.


  • Contact the School Business Manager on 6278 0400 during business hours of 8 am until 4 pm.
  • The gymnasium is available for hire from 5.30 pm until 8.30 pm Monday to Friday. It is also available on weekends. All lease/hire agreements are subject to change if the gymnasium is required by the school. As much notice as possible will be provided should this occur.
  • The gym is not available for approximately one week mid December each year for school use.
  • For long term users a lease agreement needs to be completed by the Club/Association etc. and signed by the President/Chairman/Secretary.
  • For short term users a hire agreement needs to be completed by the Club/Association etc. and signed by the President/Chairman/Secretary.
  • For long term users the school will issue an invoice each month in advance. Payment should be made within 14 days. If payments fall behind the lease agreement may be terminated.
  • For short term users the school will issue an invoice prior to the booking and payment should be made within 7 days.


  • Hire of Gymnasium – $40 per hour
  • Use of Showers – $10 per hour per session
  • Long term users are required to pay a bond of $100. This bond will be used to cover any unpaid damage to the school property or vandalism. It will be fully refunded if there are no outstanding debts to the school.
  • Security call out fee – $55.


  • Weekend bookings are responsible for unlocking and re-locking the gym and boom gate as well as using the security system to access the gym and secure it on departure.
  • Keys to the boom gate and gymnasium and a security code to access the gymnasium will be issued by the School Business Manager for bookings made for the weekend.
  • Contact the School Business Manager at least one week prior to the booking for keys and security instructions.



  • Keys are required for bookings during the weekend. Keys will be required for the boom gate, gym entry door, toilets and security cover.
  • Keys are not required for bookings made from 5.30 pm until 8.30 pm on Monday to Friday


  • The gym floor MUST be swept with the orange scissor mop provided prior to using the gym. The grit collected must be removed using the dustpan and broom provided.
  • Only sand shoes or bare feet are allowed on the gym floor.
  • Equipment and mats MUST NOT be dragged over the floor surface. All equipment and mats must be carefully lifted and placed on the floor.
  • The toilets and change rooms must be left in a clean and tidy state. All messes need to be cleaned up.
  • Any damage or vandalism that occurs must be reported to the School Business Manager by 9 am the following day on 6278 0405.
  • Costs for repair of damage or vandalism must be paid for in full.
  • No smoking is allowed in school buildings or grounds.
  • All cars must be parked in the car parks provided and not on grassed areas.


  • The school has exclusive use of the gymnasium from 3.00 to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.
  • Bookings for after school use are to be made through the School Business Manager.
  • Preference will be given to the following:
  • School team of all boys from this school
  • Teams that include some boys from this school
  • Activities that include staff members
  • Bookings after school must be supervised by a teacher or parent.
  • When using the gymnasium after school only the gym and gym toilets can be accessed. The entry and exit to the gym is by the external door facing north (towards the creek). The school security system may be activated in other areas and any breach may set off the alarm system.
  • If the school has a need to use the gymnasium after 5.30 pm Monday to Friday and on weekends then the booking must be done through the School Business Manager. Advance notice is required as the gym may already be booked during this period to external users.