Curriculum Overview


Our New Town curriculum provides a broad range of learning opportunities for boys to pursue their passions and interests, while ensuring they develop a strong academic base. Our aim is to build good young men who achieve success at the TCE and beyond. To ensure our boys are well prepared for their future we provide a range of academic, social and leadership opportunities to ensure boys receive a well- rounded education. All boys study the core academic subjects of English, Mathematics, History and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education and Science, based on the Australian Curriculum. Boys can choose from a fantastic array of optional subjects as they advance through the grades. Just some of the opportunities include studying languages (French and Japanese), advanced Mathematics and Science based courses, hands- on workshop based courses in Woodwork and Metalwork, Athlete Development courses in a variety of sports including AFL, Basketball Golf, Cricket and Soccer, Art and Digital design, and Food technologies based courses. We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a new subject- Personal Projects for boys with exceptional talents and passion to enable them to pursue studies in their chosen fields.


At New Town, we offer an outstanding curriculum for developing leadership qualities. This begins in Grade 7, with all boys participating in the Peer Support program to develop their strengths and teamwork skills. In 2018 our Grade 8’s will participate in a Let’s Get Together program, in which our boys will work in small teams to develop a community action strategy and host an expo for their fellow students and local primary students. All Grade 9 students participate in Peer Support training, with many selected to become Peer Support Leaders for our newly arriving Grade 7 students each year. Our Grade 10’s, many of whom have served on grade council throughout their years of schooling, have the opportunity to become our school leaders as either Prefects or House Captains.