Character Education


We are developing a  systematic approach to ensuring that all boys learn and practice the character traits needed to become a good man . Our school values underpin our beliefs about the character of our good young men.  Our character traits  are described as dispositions that fall within a framework of capabilities. These traits are developed through subject areas, extracurricular activities and through specific grade level intensive programs as outlined  below.

  • Year 7 is where we build Team Capability – This is approached through participation in the Peer Support Program and the Peer Support Camp. Students are taught the skills of working in teams through activity based learning over a 20 week period of peer and teacher led instruction.
  • Year 8 is where we build Diversity Capability – Students participate in the Let’s get Together – Fairer World Program where they undertake 20 hours of instruction and a further 10 or more hours in developing and presenting their personal  diversity research project.
  • Year 9Leadership Capability – All year 9 students undertake an intensive 2 day leadership training program conducted at the University of Tasmania. Boys who graduate from this program can nominate fro year 10 leadership roles that include more than 80 of our boys in formal leadership roles and many more in informal roles.
  • Year 10Relationship Capability  – In year 10  our boys undertake an  intensive education program on respectful relationships. This program focuses on the need for men to be active in the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The program explores the strengths and complexities of navigating relationships with a focus on power, gender, respect, friendship, communication and conflict resolution. At New Town High School we develop men of character who care for others and do not use power or violence in their relationships with others. The program is aligned to health education curriculum  and uses the Love Bites resources and workshop program.