Careers Education

We have a senior teacher responsible for careers education who oversees a comprehensive curriculum Years 7-10. All students undertake careers education through our My Education program . In Year 9/10 students can elect to undertake a year-long course Work Studies. In Year 10 all students undertake career information and taster programs and undertake transition planning to select their post year 10 education program.

New Town High School acknowledges the value of our young men gaining a year 12 qualification, which may open doors to tertiary study,  offer greater self- determination in life, and greater all round life benefits. Our career education offers our students  the opportunity to gain a broad perspective of the world of work. Of the necessary qualities and abilities that employers look for in full time and part time employees.

Further, that learning is a lifelong activity and that tomorrows generations will have many careers in their lifetimes. They need to be prepared to have transferrable skills across many continuums.

This is achieved  through matching abilities, interests and dreams to   workplace or further education requirements, thus giving  an insight into the practicalities of their choice of  career.

Equally we acknowledge that some of our young men dream big with practical ideas of things to build or create. They may have practical skills that are best typified  as being necessary for artisans and trades persons. Guests from both the academic world, and the practical world, are invited in to present and provide insight to our students.

Students  are offered an optional taster for what such a world may contain, by engaging in a work placement of up to two weeks, usually, but not restricted to,  Year 10 students.

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