BYOT Program and Research

Our school’s purpose is to develop students who are ready to achieve a year 12 qualification or equivalent.  In order to provide an educational program to achieve this, we have done a scan of the best practice in contemporary Teaching and Learning for 7-12 students as well as, TasTAFE and UTAS.  As a result, we will introduce Blended Learning for all Year 7 English, Maths, Science and History classes at the start of next year.  This is a subtle change in the way we will teach your son and we are excited to announce the formal resumptions of our BYOT program for Year 7 students in 2021.


To provide our students with the best possible contemporary education


Year 7 students will BYOT that will use our Wi-Fi to connect to Canvas, Office 365 and selected Web tools to provide instant access to learning inside and outside their classes


Supporting year 7 students and core teachers in Blended Learning.  Blended Learning amplifies excellent teaching by using digital and non-digital tools during learning.  BYOT will use Blended Learning to support and enhance student learning

BYOT in simple terms is using the device that students have at home for learning.  The school will provide filtered Wi-Fi, and support students connecting to this.  Teachers in the Year 7 core classes will require students to bring a device to each lesson to be used for some tasks in the learning process.  Not all tasks will require a device.  Teachers will utilise Office 365 which is free to students and the Canvas Learning Management System of which Parents will have access to.

BYOT is not a smartphone.

This BYOT program is part of our year 9-12 strategy, and we encourage families to purchase a device now if you do not have one so it can be used through to the end of year 12.  If your family is not is a position to purchase a device now, the school will lend your son a device through the library like a book on a lesson-by-lesson basis.