BYOT Device Guidelines

Year 7 students should bring a device from the start of 2021. Minimum requirements are as follows:

Operating System
To ensure the latest programs and software are compatible, we recommend the current
(or previous) version of any operating system. E.g. Windows 10

Wireless Connectivity
Wireless connectivity is a vital feature of BYOT. Your device should support 2.4GHz and/or
5Ghz band wireless.

Screen Size
A reasonable screen size should be considered for ease of use. We recommend a minimum
of 11.6 Inches for laptops and tablets.

Memory and Storage
To be able to store and process data effectively. We recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM
and 128GB storage.

Tough and sturdy outer casing and strong keys and inputs.

Battery Life
Minimum expected battery life of 5 hours recommended.

Is the device light enough to carry to and from school each day?

Hardware Features
A camera and microphone are necessary to ensure students can participate in 21st century
learning activities. A stylus or keyboard may also be useful. A carry case or skin can protect
the device and provide ergonomic advantages

The following diagram indicates various device sizes and their capabilities: