Blended Learning


At New Town High School we understand the power of technology in education and integrate technology in deliberate and purposeful ways that extend our outstanding in classroom practices.  This process of technology amplified pedagogy is called Blended Learning.

All of our teaching spaces contain a digital hub for sharing information and resources, these hubs are a very large television or projector.  The digital hub enables our teachers to utilise the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) as an authentic way of providing students with access to their learning inside and outside the classroom.  After careful risk management the school has selected a range of cloud based applications including Microsoft Office 365 to facilitate ubiquitous learning Anytime, Anywhere.

New Town High currently has a large fleet of devices available to students for use in their learning.  We recognised that not every task requires a multimedia computer, so we provide access to over 650 devices in the following ways:

  • 5 class size computer laboratories, 1 of which is multimedia machines
  • 5 mini computer laboratories, of up to 12 machines
  • Computers located in all classrooms and our library
  • 8 Tablet Trolleys (Small to large size laptops)

Wi-Fi is accessible across all of the school and is maintained by ITS and our IT support staff.  The school provides filtered and monitored internet access for safety and actively promotes digital citizenship as we develop students who are ready to achieve a year 12 qualification or equivalent.