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New Town High School Rugby

New Town High School has a long tradition with the sport of Rugby Union, this has been re-invigorated in recent years in work lead by the principal Mr Kilpatrick. Last year NTHS formed a senior rugby union team to play against the best players from other schools in the Adam Coleman Rugby Cup. Adam Coleman is a former student, current Wallaby and Melbourne Rebels player.

NTHS won the Adam Coleman Rugby Cup and now we are affiliated with the Melbourne Rebels. This week we received a very generous donation from the Rebels of playing tops, polo tops, jackets, trousers and hoodies for our 2019 players.

The boys are now extremely excited to represent their school as part of the New Town High School Rebels. I think this photo captures the Rebels team values of Respect, Excellence, Balance, Ethos and Leadership that map perfectly with our school purpose of producing good young men.

Qantas Wallabies Tasmanian Rugby Union – 7s and 15s

The video shows the pride our students take in their school and their rugby:

National Day of Action Against Bullying

The national day of action against bullying was an important day for all to stand up and show resilience against bullying and to highlight the importance of a good school morale. New Town started off the day with the prefects and house captains holding signs for the community to see our work for the campaign. We then had sessions conducted by the peer support leaders for some anti-bullying tasks, finishing off the morning with a game of flags between the grade 10 peer support leaders and the grade 7’s. The whole day turned out to be a huge success for all, spreading the importance through the school and community.

Formal Assemblies

During week three the school celebrated the start of the new school year with both Junior and Senior Formal Assemblies. Below is a video of the Principals Address launching our 100 year celebrations.

During this assembly, the student leadership team for 2019 signed the Prefect and House Captain pledges. The following video was captured during the Senior Assembly.

The assembly concluded with a Senior student weaving his magic on Guitar with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”