Strategic Plan

OUR VISIONAthletics Carnival 2014 493
To embed our finest traditions and heritage as We Build For The Future.
To develop boys of resilient and respectful character who can lead fulfilling and productive lives within our increasingly globalised and technologically advanced society.


     – Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Implementation
     – Supportive School Environment
     – Efficient, Practical and Legally Accountable School Administration
Athletics Carnival 2014 496OUR CORE VALUES
– Equity: We have high expectations for our learners and a strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in our staff, in our Programs and learning environments
– Respect: We all have the right to access challenging and engaging learning opportunities in appropriate settings
– Relationships: Positive and effective interactions with each other and within our environment are conducted on the basis of responsibility, integrity and accountability
– Excellence: We achieve growth and strength through partnerships and connections with our colleagues, students and our community

     – Successful Learners: We empower students to set a high expectation for their lifelong learning and to achieve their potential through expert teaching

     – Critical and Creative Thinking: We use cycles of data informed professional inquiry to critically reflect upon our professional practices. We use collaborative dialogue and professional networks to develop and amplify innovative ideas throughout our organisation

     – A Highly Skilled Teaching and Administrative Team: Our teaching and administrative team are the most influential factors that affect our capacity to produce optimal Student Outcomes

     – A Globalised and Technologically Advanced World: We monitor and adapt to the rapidly changing globalised environment. We are a dynamic and innovative Learning Organisation


     – NTHS- Mission, Vision Values
     – NTHS – School Improvement Priorities
     – NTHS – Strategic Organizational Structure
     – DOE – Learners First