Hobart City High School Logo Announcement

Dear all

Today, on behalf of our Combined School Association, I am very excited to let you know that we now have a logo to sit alongside the Hobart City High School name.

As you would know, earlier this year branding and identity workshops were held with over 400 people attending – from students, school staff, School Associations, Old Scholars and other members of the community. We also reached out to community through a survey with 315 participants responding.  From this process we were provided with rich, thoughtful and articulate thinking from which to build our name and visual identity from.

From this consultation, three logo options were provided for our consideration.

During the last few weeks, we asked for community feedback on the logo options.  We had a great response to our survey and received 1051 submissions, with Option A selected as the preferred option by the majority of respondents.

From what we heard through our consultation, there is a strong desire for this school to be a ‘lighthouse school’, a guiding light and the best example of education in the state.

The Southern Cross perfectly reflects this idea. Our new logo design is based on the pattern that the Southern Cross makes as it moves around the southern sky throughout the year. A shape which is also echoed in many of the endemic species of the mountain and the river.

The stars are represented at their varying sizes, and the use of colour reflects not just the seasons in which the Southern Cross appears in each position in the sky, but also diversity of students and their ideas coming from rich cultural backgrounds

This provides a real feeling of diversity in the logo, where it can also be seen to be representing our community, our staff and our students. The shape and the colour variation create a sense of joy, positivity, aspiration and inclusion. The circular configuration, which also echoes the logos of Elizabeth College and Ogilvie logos, represents students and teachers and their ideas working together, where each individual contributes to our whole school community.

A sense of place, while expressed differently, is also important in the logo concept. Colour inspiration has been drawn from the mountain in particular, from local fauna to the colours of the sky above Hobart and the mountain.

A desire to see ‘difference’ was one of the clearest themes that came through the community engagement. The logo represents a fresh start, but also acknowledges that the heritage and traditions of the schools are important too, so some colours have been included to provide a nod to both Ogilvie and New Town.
Thank you to everyone who provided their time and input into this process.

You can visit our project website to find more information at https://www.education.tas.gov.au/hobart-city-partner-schools/