Hobart City Partner Schools’ collaboration

Today, the Minister for Education and Training announced that, along with Ogilvie High School our school will become co-educational in 2022. This is an exciting next phase of our Hobart City Partner Schools’ collaboration with Elizabeth College.

This decision follows the joint recommendation provided to Government from our combined School Associations. It is the result of significant collaboration, research and community engagement.
As you know, we have been working with our partner schools over several years to deliver increasingly flexible course options, delivered in partnership across the three schools. This decision will allow us to continue that journey.

Through extensive community consultation it has become clear that this is what the community wants, and what will most importantly, better meet the needs of all learners in Hobart.
It is a significant and exciting announcement for our school.

While this decision has been made, I assure you that no model of delivery or any changes to the existing structure of the school has been decided. What it does mean, however, is that we have lots of work to do!

Between now and the end of the year we will be working to determine what is the best and most appropriate model of delivery. I anticipate that we will be able to share this work with you early in Term 1, 2021.

Once a preferred model is determined, in consultation with the community, work will begin to fully develop this model during next year, for implementation from 2022.

While there will be lots of work happening to prepare for transition in 2022, our current school structure will not change in 2021. This means that both Ogilvie and New Town will continue to offer a mixture of single sex and co-educational classes and work with Elizabeth College to deliver Year 11 and 12 subjects.

I will ensure that we continue this journey together, with our learners firmly at the centre of every decision.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

There is a range of information available on the Department’s website at http://www.education.tas.gov.au

Frequently Asked QuestionsThese FAQs will be updated as and when questions arise.

Yours Sincerely

David Kilpatrick