COVID-19 Update

The Tasmanian Government has announced that the current lockdown in Southern Tasmania will be lifted from 6PM Monday 18 October.  Tasmanian Government schools will resume usual operation with all students returning to school onsite tomorrow.

Public Health has announced some preventative health measures to keep everyone safe.  It will continue to be mandatory that facemasks be carried and worn when outside of the home for people aged 12 years and over until 6PM Friday 22 October. In our schools, this means that students in Years 7-12 will be required to wear a facemask while at school.

In line with other current preventative measures we encourage everyone to:

  • continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly and coughing into your elbow.maintain physical distancing where possible
  • stay at home if you have any cold and flu symptoms and for parents to arrange a COVID test
  • ensure you are wearing a mask if you leave the house
  • if you enter a school site make sure you check in using the Check In TAS App

To continue to keep up to date with the situation please visit

COVID Lockdown Message

Tasmania is entering a lockdown period from 15 October 2021 for three days in the Southern Region. School will remain open for students of permitted workers or those who are unable to be supervised or supported at home during this time.

Further details have been provided to parents via email relating to the lockdown.

More information on school arrangements can also be found on the Department website:

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health Hotline 1800 671 738 or visit

Hobart City High School Logo Announcement

Dear all

Today, on behalf of our Combined School Association, I am very excited to let you know that we now have a logo to sit alongside the Hobart City High School name.

As you would know, earlier this year branding and identity workshops were held with over 400 people attending – from students, school staff, School Associations, Old Scholars and other members of the community. We also reached out to community through a survey with 315 participants responding.  From this process we were provided with rich, thoughtful and articulate thinking from which to build our name and visual identity from.

From this consultation, three logo options were provided for our consideration.

During the last few weeks, we asked for community feedback on the logo options.  We had a great response to our survey and received 1051 submissions, with Option A selected as the preferred option by the majority of respondents.

From what we heard through our consultation, there is a strong desire for this school to be a ‘lighthouse school’, a guiding light and the best example of education in the state.

The Southern Cross perfectly reflects this idea. Our new logo design is based on the pattern that the Southern Cross makes as it moves around the southern sky throughout the year. A shape which is also echoed in many of the endemic species of the mountain and the river.

The stars are represented at their varying sizes, and the use of colour reflects not just the seasons in which the Southern Cross appears in each position in the sky, but also diversity of students and their ideas coming from rich cultural backgrounds

This provides a real feeling of diversity in the logo, where it can also be seen to be representing our community, our staff and our students. The shape and the colour variation create a sense of joy, positivity, aspiration and inclusion. The circular configuration, which also echoes the logos of Elizabeth College and Ogilvie logos, represents students and teachers and their ideas working together, where each individual contributes to our whole school community.

A sense of place, while expressed differently, is also important in the logo concept. Colour inspiration has been drawn from the mountain in particular, from local fauna to the colours of the sky above Hobart and the mountain.

A desire to see ‘difference’ was one of the clearest themes that came through the community engagement. The logo represents a fresh start, but also acknowledges that the heritage and traditions of the schools are important too, so some colours have been included to provide a nod to both Ogilvie and New Town.
Thank you to everyone who provided their time and input into this process.

You can visit our project website to find more information at

Hobart City Partner Schools Update

Today, I am excited that the Minister for Education will shortly announce that our proposed new school name is Hobart City High School.

The names of the current schools – Ogilvie and New Town – will be retained as campus names, giving recognition and weight to the rich histories and traditions of our schools.

Deciding on a new name is an exciting, and significant step in forming the identity for the school and is the result of an extensive engagement exercise. This has included conducting face-to-face workshops with a range of stakeholders and surveys of our school community.

Thank you to everyone who provided their time and input into this process.  We received valuable feedback to not only guide us in finding a name and brand, but to help us start to create your ‘dream school’.

Through the consultation, it is clear that a place based name was the preferred option.  Hobart City High School was a name that people seemed to be drawn to and, combined with retaining our campus names – Ogilvie and New Town – provides a strong balance of something new, while acknowledging a desire to retain and recognise our school history.

It also provides a sense of continuity as the Hobart City Partnership Schools brand has developed over recent years in our important, and continuing, partnership with Elizabeth College.

In terms of the larger branding work to sit alongside our new name, brand options reflecting feedback gathered through consultation, have been developed and will be part of further consultation.

The Combined School Association will be meeting early next week, and the Minister has asked for their formal endorsement of the proposed name at that meeting.  The Association have also been asked to consider and provide advice on appropriate consultation options for finalising the brand.

The Department of Education has also commenced scoping work on a masterplan, which has identified a need for contemporary learning spaces across all grades; sports facilities; a performing arts centre; and upgraded technology, VET and food training facilities for senior students.

Suggestions put forward include a performing arts centre at the Ogilvie Campus, VET facilities at the New Town Campus and food training facilities at Elizabeth college.

As master planning continues there will be opportunities for consultation and input from the school community into key priorities for the short and medium term improvements.

Again, thank you to everyone for contributing to the process so far. I am really excited about the new opportunities that the school will provide our students, whilst at the same time honouring the amazing history of our existing schools.

I look forward to providing a further update to you on the brand options soon.

David Kilpatrick

Education Leader

Hobart City Schools Project

Hobart City Partnership Schools Update

Inside the walls of our schools there is a power of work being undertaken to get us ready for next year!  While it may not always be obvious, we have mapped out all the actions we need to complete before students walk through our school gates next year.

We have 17 staff action teams working to ensure the new school unites and provides for the diverse needs of students from 2022 and beyond.

These teams are leading or else involved with work across the five streams of the project: Education Delivery Model, Wellbeing and Support, Operations And Infrastructure, Policy, and Branding and Engagement.

Our Teacher Reference Group met recently and undertook a valuable exercise looking at how we are tracking with our project actions, and where we needed to focus and prioritise moving forward.  This feedback has helped us to prioritise actions and provided guidance on how the Project Team can further support staff and students in the move to one school.

The Student Inclusion team is undertaking two-way visits to interrogate the approaches and practices at each school and is now focusing on modelling a joined-up approach, underpinned by individual working plans, to support the new cohort of Year 7 students with additional needs from 2022.

This term the Project Team will also be working with State Growth to look at barriers for students accessing bus transport, including looking at existing and future routes to ensure service delivery meets our student needs.  Any concerns or feedback on this issue can be sent to

Other key actions planned for Term 3, include:

  • determining a schoolwide positive behaviour support framework – combining commitments and values from both campuses
  • developing student and teacher timetables
  • developing agreed student leadership and peer support models
  • developing a Student Diversity Policy
  • determining a common set of goals for literacy as part of our School Improvement Plan.

It is fantastic to say we have had a great response from the Hobart community to enrolments for 2022, with lots of interested families taking the opportunity to come and visit us for a school tour (which can be organised by contacting the Ogilvie High School office!).

Hobart City Partnership Schools Project Team

Message to Parents/Carers – COVID-19 Update – Returning from Queensland

Dear parents/carers,

If you have been in Queensland recently, you may now be required to stay at home.

The Tasmanian Government, on advice from Public Health, has announced that Tasmania’s borders are closed to non-essential travellers from the eleven Queensland local government areas declared high-risk (Level 2) (excluding transit through Brisbane Airport).

If your child has been in a high-risk (Level 2) area in Queensland (as listed at at any time on or after 12:01am on 17 July, they MUST stay home and not attend school.

The stay-at-home order commenced at 6:00pm on 31 July and will continue until 5:59pm on Tuesday 3 August. This timeframe could be subject to change and further updates will be provided.

In line with the protocol that applied in recent weeks to returned travellers from Victoria and South Australia, students and staff affected by state specific restrictions for Queensland, should not attend school on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 August.

Please advise us of your child’s absence and to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Importantly, there are Learning at Home resources available at for impacted students, to support them to continue to engage in education through this period. We will also reach out to support.

Those students in Years 11 and 12 that are impacted, are asked to make contact with us to advise of their situation. Every effort will be made to ensure these students are able to continue to participate in their learning.


Please remember to keep safe

This is a reminder that although Tasmania is currently tracking well, thanks to everyone’s commitment to doing the right thing, it is important that each one of us remains vigilant and continues to abide by the Public Health guidelines. This includes:

  • maintaining physical distancing;
  • practising good hygiene and washing your hands;
  • getting tested if you have even the mildest of symptoms;
  • keep students at home if they are unwell;
  • downloading and using the Check in TAS app whenever required, including when you enter school sites – more information can be found here:

The Department will continue to keep staff, parents/carers and students updated regularly, and in close collaboration with Public Health will review the situation and provide a further update prior to Wednesday 4 August ensuring students, their families and schools have clarity.

COVID-19 Update – South Australia and Victoria

Message to Parents/Carers – COVID-19 Update – South Australia and Victoria – 23 July 2021

Tasmania’s Public Health authorities have provided updated advice for returned travellers from Victoria and South Australia.

As announced, for returned travellers from Victoria (including staff and students), who are not required to quarantine, are now able to attend their school/workplace from Monday, 26 July. Wearing a mask is not required, in line with the lifting of the mask wearing requirement from midnight 23 July. Most new exposure sites in Victoria now relate to the last few days, when movement from Victoria to Tasmania has been restricted and involves quarantine.

However, we continue to ask that travellers who have been in South Australia on or since 8 July, DO NOT return to school until Tuesday next week (27 July) at this stage, unless the 14-day time period has passed since you were last in South Australia. A further update will be provided on Monday 26 July. 

For those impacted students in Kinder to Year 10, your child’s teacher will continue to support student learning. There are also Learning at Home resources available at:

Those students in Years 11 and 12 that are impacted are asked to continue to stay in contact with their school/college to enable students to continue to participate in their learning.

We understand that for those students who have been away this week, some may be hesitant to return.  If, for any reason, your child does not feel comfortable in returning to school please contact us to discuss how we can support them in doing so.

Again, thank you to everyone’s commitment to doing the right thing, it is important that each one of us remains vigilant and continues to abide by the Public Health guidelines. This includes:

  • maintaining physical distancing;
  • practising good hygiene and washing your hands;
  • getting tested if you have even the mildest of symptoms;
  • keep students at home if they are unwell;
  • downloading and using Check in TAS app whenever required, including when you enter school sites. More information on the app can be found at:


We will continue to keep you informed as this situation evolves.


COVID-19 Message to Parents/Carers

We understand that there has been some concern around the possibility that students and staff who have travelled to South Australia on or after 8 July may have been on school sites over the past couple of days.

We wanted to provide some reassurance that the approach Public Health are taking in managing this risk is conservative, it is a time for us to be alert but not alarmed and remember our COVID-Safe behaviours.

These requirements will continue to be reviewed and updated over the coming days and we will keep you informed if there are any changes to how the situation is being managed.

Thank you again for your support and understanding as we work through this period.