New Town High School Rugby

New Town High School has a long tradition with the sport of Rugby Union, this has been re-invigorated in recent years in work lead by the principal Mr Kilpatrick. Last year NTHS formed a senior rugby union team to play against the best players from other schools in the Adam Coleman Rugby Cup. Adam Coleman is a former student, current Wallaby and Melbourne Rebels player.

NTHS won the Adam Coleman Rugby Cup and now we are affiliated with the Melbourne Rebels. This week we received a very generous donation from the Rebels of playing tops, polo tops, jackets, trousers and hoodies for our 2019 players.

The boys are now extremely excited to represent their school as part of the New Town High School Rebels. I think this photo captures the Rebels team values of Respect, Excellence, Balance, Ethos and Leadership that map perfectly with our school purpose of producing good young men.

Qantas Wallabies Tasmanian Rugby Union – 7s and 15s

The video shows the pride our students take in their school and their rugby:

National Day of Action Against Bullying

The national day of action against bullying was an important day for all to stand up and show resilience against bullying and to highlight the importance of a good school morale. New Town started off the day with the prefects and house captains holding signs for the community to see our work for the campaign. We then had sessions conducted by the peer support leaders for some anti-bullying tasks, finishing off the morning with a game of flags between the grade 10 peer support leaders and the grade 7’s. The whole day turned out to be a huge success for all, spreading the importance through the school and community.

Principal’s Report School Association

Sharing this report to the wider school community is part of a comprehensive communication approach that we have at our school to ensure members of our school community are informed, connected and working together on our school purpose.

Our school purpose is very straight forward and our game plan to achieve this is simple and targeted:

We are working with parents, carers and the wider community to Develop Good Young Men who are ready to achieve a Year 12 Qualification or Equivalent.

Our aspirational goal is to raise the percentage of boys at our school who achieve a year 12 qualification to above the national average level. We will also strive to assist many of our boys to gain an apprenticeship if they prefer that career pathway.

 Our Priorities 2017-2020:

  • Raising the literacy standards of all of our boys so they can engage productively in learning.
  • Further developing our whole of school learning model.
  • Ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • Developing young men with strong character and resilience.

We have a number of improvement projects and initiatives to help our school to develop our priority areas, these include:

  • The formation of our Old Scholars Association with the view to members acting as volunteers to contribute to the wellbeing and learning of our boys through mentor activities conducted in and outside our school campus.
  • Using Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning Approach to further develop our school wide learning model. With that, we are in the second year of a four year teacher professional learning analysing the impact of our teaching on improving learning outcomes.
  • Placing increased emphasis on all boys becoming the best possible writers they can be. To achieve this we are using the Writing to Learn and Learning to Write approach and further developing our whole school approach to teaching reading comprehension.   
  • Ensuring we have an orderly learning environment with a focus on embedding our school values into our school culture and ensuring that all of our boys develop the character traits that will lead them to success.
  • Developing more robust approaches to collecting, analysing and responding to matters relevant to student wellbeing.
  • Designing Year 11/12 delivery to facilitate shared enrolments with Elizabeth College and Ogilvie High School to offer several more specialist study pathways from year 9 – 12.

Our School Values underpin all that we do at the School. They define who we are and what we want to become as individuals and collectively as a community of learners.

ASPIRATION – A culture of high expectations and high achievement.
RESPECT – Respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment.
COURAGE – Accepting challenges and embracing opportunities.
GROWTH – Improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things.

Effective Communication is Essential in our School

We place emphasis on open and productive communication. Our primary form of communication with parents regarding whole of school and year level specific news and information is via email, the school APP, Facebook, SMS and EdSmart which is delivered online via email. We urge all parents to make sure we have your current email address and that you have done what is necessary to be connected with our school APP and EdSmart.

EdSmart is our online tool to deliver permission forms and information about excursions to parents and for parents to return then to the school online.  This document will step you through what EdSmart is and how to use it.

We use SMS to advise parents of student absences and for urgent information such as evacuations etc.

You can find information about our school App here.  It is very important we have your email address and if any of your contact details change please let the office know.

When issues arise our preference is to deal with such matters through face to face or telephone discussion.

A recent study I read showed that on an average day, a school principal undertakes 46 complex tasks and consistently deals with 20 new things that they have not seen or dealt with before. Parenting can be like that at times as well. What I have learned over the years is that complex problems can be resolved when people are willing to talk and work together to find solutions. My Assistant Principals and our Grade Supervisors are all great communicators and expert problem solvers and have the best interest of your boy/s and our school at the centre of all they do and decide.

I am hoping that through my blog and other communication methods, our staff and parents can work more closely in partnership to achieve our school purpose – Develop Good Young Men who are ready to achieve a Year 12 Qualification or Equivalent.

Formal Assemblies

During week three the school celebrated the start of the new school year with both Junior and Senior Formal Assemblies. Below is a video of the Principals Address launching our 100 year celebrations.

During this assembly, the student leadership team for 2019 signed the Prefect and House Captain pledges. The following video was captured during the Senior Assembly.

The assembly concluded with a Senior student weaving his magic on Guitar with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”